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Dear Boss - Chapter 5
Chapter 5
13th September 1888
Walking down the dark streets of London, Antonio covertly glanced at around him. Satisfied that there was no one around, Antonio effortlessly jumped up the nearest window ledge. No one was about, it had been like this since the murders started; no one wanted to be on the streets late at night. They didn't want to risk being the unknown killer's latest victim… or be wrongly accused. Using his powerful leaps and kicks, he managed to scale up the three story building; stepping only on ledges at the edge and with his hand still in his pockets. The window of the apartment he stopped outside of was one he had visited a few times before.
He fiddled with the window for a few seconds, it swung open effortlessly; it was impossible for anyone to enter the place from this angle. Well, anyone mortal that is. Antonio chuckled as he entered the threshold of the apartment, he marvelled in his good luck at finding the perfect person who could a
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Mature content
Dear Boss - Chapter 4 :iconfirephoenixgal:firephoenixgal 2 2
Those Crimson Eyes: Chapter 3
Warnings: Reader-Insert, Personified Countries & Language
Chapter 3
"Yo, Layla!" A familiar voiced said as you felt an arm wrap around your shoulder.
"Hello, Prussia."
It has been 3 days since you met your "escape buddy" and already he was invading your personal space.
"Don't be so formal, girly. Call me Gilbert or The Awesome Gilbert Beilschmidt!"
You ignored his last statement.
"Prussia, may I ask why you are ruining my morning walk?"
"I thought you needed some awesome company!" He grinned, "And that's why I'm here!"
This time you ignored him completely. Looking away and not speaking to him. Silence fell between you both. You thought he had gotten bored and went away until --
"You know what I think? I think that it is about time you stop ignoring me. Let's say we engage in a meaningless conversation."
Once again, you pretended you couldn't hear him, continuing your morning walk as if you were alone. And that was why you jumped when he suddenly
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Dear Boss - Chapter 3
12th September 1888 - Whitechapel, London
Dorset Street, Spitalfields

The young woman's eyes rolled as she closed them and fell into a deep sleep. Antonio straightened up, licking his lips and walked away from his latest victim. She was still alive. Antonio had learned a long time ago that if he didn't kill every one of his meals, he would be able to stay in one place longer. Also, if a person had exceptional blood, keeping them alive would be akin to having a bottomless bottle of fine wine. Most of his victims tended to wake up after a prolonged nap with a terrible headache, a good trade-off for their lives.
This women had in particular had offered to sell him some exquisite tomatoes! They were big and juicy, almost exactly like those in his native land. He was so captivated by them that he took her then and there. As a vampire, eating mortal food wasn't a necessity but Antonio still ate when he could. Besides, he couldn't live (no pun intended) without his Las Magras
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Mature content
Dear Boss - Chapter 2 :iconfirephoenixgal:firephoenixgal 6 4
Mature content
Those Crimson Eyes: Chapter 2 :iconfirephoenixgal:firephoenixgal 14 5
Dear Boss - Chapter 1
10th September 1888 - Whitechapel, London.
Antonio Fernandez Carriedo was shoved against a wall. Hard.
"Look at the pathetic little man, boys," sneered a voice somewhere above him.
If only they knew who I really am.
"Ha! He's not even fighting back!" The owner of this voice did not have the distinctive British accent.
If only they knew what I can do.
"Is that how they raise people outside the city?" He had a crude American accent instead.
If only they knew what I have done.
"Hey! Look up, Spic*! I want to see the look on your face while I beat you senseless!" The voice said, firmly gripping Antonio's collar.
If only they knew what I am.
Antonio looked up. His green eyes met the blue ones of the American. He wasn't surprised when he saw the American waver slightly.
Anyone could tell that his eyes weren't normal. Green eyes with flecks of gold don't usually occur in regular people. Regular mortals.
What was he? For the longest time, he himself d
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Lightning template by firephoenixgal Lightning template :iconfirephoenixgal:firephoenixgal 3 1
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Those Crimson Eyes: Chapter 1 :iconfirephoenixgal:firephoenixgal 21 6
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‎"Do as Italy...Make Pasta not war"
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"Do as Spain...Raise children not enemies"
"Do as Germany...Follow the rules, even if you don't understand them"
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"Do as Japan...Grow, don't get stuck in your past"
"Do as France...When in doubt, push random buttons"
"Do as Canada...When you feel out of place, just be invisible"
"Do as Russia...Maintain your innocence, even if your past is not that childish"
"Do as Prussia...Live, even when there seems nothing to live for"
"Do as Switzerland...Stay neutral, even if the world's breaking apart"
"Do as Sealand...Speak, even if no one is listening"
"Do as New Zealand...don't be afraid to show your strength." (From

Original here…

I'm thinking about making a few drabbles using these :D They need LOVE!

And if you have any other sayings, write them here and if I like it, I'll include it :D


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